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arctic cruise

Arctic cruise is a wonderful opportunity to cross the Arctic Circle, enjoy northern nature from the comfortable ship and see Arctic Ocean. This remote region with severe climate is mystery place even for most of Russians. Lena is one of the largest world rivers, it spreads to a width of 30 km (18 mi) and stretches 4400 km from the Baikal mountain chain to the Artic Ocean. You will see thousands kilometers of virgin uninhabited land. During the trip ship will stop at several settlements where you will be introduced to the history and lifestyle of indigenous peoples of Yakutia. Also in August-September you can see Northern Lights (aurora borealis).
Cruise starts in Yakutsk, next stop is Lena Pillars Nature Park, then Zhigansk, Kyusyur and Tiksi. Tiksi is the most northern settlement of Yakutia. At summer temperature usually does not go higher than 12°C(53°F) and at winter sun never rises here, beyond Polar Circle. On the way back to Yakutsk ship will stop at Syktyakh village and Sottintsy with open-air museum “Druzhba” (“Friendship”).

Lena Pillars Nature Park

Lena Pillars are spectacular natural rock formation stretched for 40 km along the banks of the Lena River in about 200 km south from Yakutsk, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The pillars are about 200 meters (650 ft) high. The only way to get here is boat or helicopter. We will walk up to the one of the pillars with unforgettable viewpoint on the top.

The main part of Cruise to the Arctic Ocean, Tiksi town

There is a bison farm next to Lena Pillars. Mammoth and bison hunters lived here thousands years ago.
After passing Arctic circle monument ship will stop at Zhigansk, it was established in 1632. Population of this town is about 3000 people.
Before arrival to Tiksi you will visit Kyusyur village, people here do reindeer breeding and hunting.
Tiksi was established in 1930s as port of Northeast Passage (Arctic ocean shipping route). Tiksi is the most northern settlement of Yakutia. At summer temperature usually does not go higher than 12°C(53°F). About 10 months per year Laptev Sea is covered by ice, so navigable period here is extremely short - 2 months. On the way back ship stops at Syktyakh village and Sottintsy village with open-air museum “Druzhba” (“Friendship”). It is the original location of Yakutsk. Cossacks built here wooden fortress in 1632, later it was moved to the present location of Yakutsk city. At open-air museum you will see ancient wooden architecture in traditional Russian and Yakut style.

Cruise includes few stops at places with beautiful scenery, different classes on board, excursions and peformances of indigenous people.


Arctic Cruise

14 days
3340 km (2075 mi)
Cabins for 1,2,3,4 people

2900 USD per cabin for 1 person

4900 USD per cabin for 2 persons

5300 USD per cabin for 3 persons(additional upper berth)

5800 USD per cabin for 4 persons

What is included in the price:

  • Food
  • All transfers from airport/ship
  • Excursions, tickets to museums
  • Amusement program, classes on board

What is not included:

  • Upgrade to single cabin
  • Upgrade to triple cabin
  • Upgrade to four-berth cabin
  • Air tickets to/from Yakutsk
8 July - 21 July
24 July - 6 August
7 August - 20 August
21 August - 3 September